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Ihor Poshyvailo


At the end of the 19th century, the Opishnia potter's empire "equaled" that of Corinth and Athens, having a claim on being the capital of Ukraine's Left Bank in pottery. Thousands of unknown ancient artists belong to the settlement's glorious pantheon. Modern-day famous potters inherited their selfless devotion. Ihor Poshyvailo, a Ph.D. in history and ethnography, tells the story about the unforgettable Poshyvailo marriage, Yavdokha and Havrylo. Mr. Poshyvailo has designed his story combining his own recollections with scientific analysis, and generously citing his grandmother Yavdokha, using different scientific and literary sources as well as audio-visual materials. The portrait of the masters, a symbolic portrait of time, is strikingly convincing, true and melancholic. These masters worked according to both the ancient and the later Zemstvo traditions of Opishne. They brought their color and the harmony of their own lives into the local pottery tradition. Explorers of treasures of the nation's soul now come to receive their communion to the memorial farmstead museum of the State Museum-Preserve of Ukrainian Pottery.

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