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Oleksandr Melnyk


The famous painter Oleksandr Melnyk tells the story of his fellow artists from the villages of Mala Snitynka, Mala Ofirna and Velyka Ofirna in the Kyiv oblast. The painter's talent was awakened by his countrymen's works, which he saw in his childhood. Melnyk is sure that the names of his self-educated villagers should be preserved for future generations, because even small collections certify their outstanding talents. Their powerful cultural instincts were always present, even during the hardest years of devastation, famine and wars. Mykola Melnyk, Borys Hryshchenko, Viacheslav Haiduk, Fedir Natoka and others prepared a platform for new generations, for participants of all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions, for renovators of the frescoes of the St. Michael Golden Domed Cathedral and the Assumption Cathedral, and for those who will create beauty in the future. Olhalvanova, sector manager of the National Historical Museum of Ukraine, presents CARPETS OF THE 18TH - 19TH CENTURIES (page 10). The I first collection was formed in 1905-1906, when Mykola Biliashivsky presented a project to create "The First Southern Russian Handicraft Exhibition". Enthusiasts collected exhibits in villages, finding real masterpieces of Ukrainian art. Systematic expeditions started in 1910. Benefactors - the family of Khanenkos and the family of Danylo Shcherbakivsky - also replenished the collection. The re are 134 pieces in the National Museum's current carpet collection, of which 49 pieces are Ukrainian carpets of the 18th-20th centuries, and 14 pieces are attributed. The author's artistic form analysis of the collection's carpets explores the great diversity of compositions and ornamental motives, which were created with certain knowledge of the material and a strong

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