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Vasyl YAKIM'UK. (Kosiv town)
Plate. Carving, encrustation

Valentina TKACH. (Boguslav town) Carpet.
#11-12 (3-4).2000
page 5
Volodymyr Priadka


The Chairman of the National Union Volodymyr Priadka analyses the XX century as the century that has revived traditional folk art. The concentration of a great number of the displays in the museums and holding of the first exhibitions allowed to identify the system of views on the art and style peculiarities of masters' works. The works of the leading masters and artists from all over Ukraine were exhibited at this Exhibition. At the Exhibition the National Union demonstrated national art style and all other trends in which our Ukrainian art is rich now. The exposition struck with high level of art and difference in styles and originality of the authors. Tapestry from Poltava and Kyiv regions, embroidery from Cherkasy and Zaporizhzhia regions, works of the masters from Kyiv and Kharkiv amazed by their refinement and beauty. Hutsulski national shirts with embroidery were splendid. Every region of the country displayed its best works. And how beautiful was the weaving of the masters from Bohuslav, Krolevtsi, Lviv, Kyiv. Potters from Opishnia, Vasylkiv, Chervonohrad, Bubnivka, Chehyryn, Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk led the visitors to the world of figure plastics. The visitors were pleased by every work in different field of folk art - painting on eggs, wood-cutting, straw wicker-work, vytynanky and the most interesting part of the Exhibition naive painting. The participation of the members of the Union from the USA diaspora was of great pleasure. "Glory to the masters who have saved and brought the everlasting art of our ancestors to the XXI century. They will live forever with their people!" These are the final words announced by Volodymyr Priadka in the survey of this great Exhibition that became an outstanding event in the life of Kyiv and our country as a whole.

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