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Decorative Panel. 1945
#11-12 (3-4).2000
page 8
Oleksandr Naiden


The Magazine publishes a chapter from the research of the Doctor of Art Oleksandr Naiden on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of this outstanding artist. Our compatriot and contemporary, who was born alongside with the XX century, left her descendants invaluable heritage. Her activity is considered to be both the art phenomenon and historical event. And her figure - a historical figure. She is a person of culture. Her plant universal set has nothing to do with triviality of everyday life but is manifestation of the highest spiritual achievements of national and world culture. For instance, the paintings "before dusk" could be put in one line with the masterpieces of the modern style by M. Vrubel and E. Munk from the point of view of the strength of expression of enigmatic and lyrical conditions of evening and night waiting. The self-portrait "In a village sweater" can be put alongside with self-portraits of Van Gog, Ann Russo, Ivan Heneralych. Nevertheless, her activity has not yet been studied in a due way, has not been brought to people, whose spiritual dreams she expressed and continues to express by her works. "Czar-flower", "Space and Time", "Spasivski Bunches of Flowers" - those chapters from the research of the famous scientist fill a little bit those gaps, approach the reader to the mystery of BILOKUR talent. When drawing space spheres, "centers" and "gaps", the painter counted first of all not on her own fantasy, but on the intuition that based on the deep sources of folklore memory. That's why each of her works is like a folk "spasivskyi bunch of flowers" - a real cosmological model of the world and at the same time is a symbol of a happy, though temporal, balance of heavenly, earth and underground principles. But Bilokur works are much more complicated than "spasivski bunches of flowers", the life of which is limited by the rite transience. The works of Bilokur are real masterpieces, that appeared on the level of artistic and creative unity of human, nature and space principles.

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