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Sergiy BEREZHENKO. (Zaporizhzhya city)
Sonnet. Monumental ceramic sculpture.
Grand prix.

Ivan FIZER. (Cherkasy city)
Guard of the Universe. Monumental ceramic sculpture.

Vasyl OMELYANENKO. (Opishne village)
Lion. Colored pottery.
#11-12 (3-4).2000
page 14


The State Museum-Reserve of Ukrainian Pottery (existed as the Museum of Pottery since 1986) is the leading specialized scientific and research, cultural and educational establishment in the country. There one has the opportunity to touch Ukrainian potter's world with his own heart, to receive information on the state of this trade. Audio-visual studio of Ukrainian pottery, other structural subdivisions, such as Ukrainian ethnology with the literature of the fine art and scientific character, as well as Audio-visual fund of Ukrainian pottery, which is responsible for the search and save of unique spiritual reliquiae, are at your disposal. Scientists are working at more than 20 different topics that are focused on a number of archaeological, historical, terminological, art and ceramic technology problems. The Museum-Reserve has also the Center of special methods of ceramic researches, as the famous all over the world Opishnia clay hasn't still been investigated thoroughly. In the fund collections of the Museum there is the latest collection of the works of the famous potters of our days. The pottery of the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries is represented in a proper way, there is an opportunity to see the works of the masters from other regions - Kosiv, Kolomyia, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Zakarpattia, Khmelnitsk ceramic, the collection of works of the famous potters from Kyiv region, who are well-known both in our country and abroad, as well as the treasures from Livoberezhzhia. The archaeology section is popular among the visitors. It is for the first time that Memorial museums of Oleksandr Seliuchenko and the Poshyvailo family function in the unique branch structure of the Museum. These Memorial museums lead our contemporaries to the laboratories, to the spiritual and everyday world of the famous Opishnia masters. Collegium of Arts exists in the Museum. There, besides knowledge of compulsory subjects, pupils receive profound knowledge in creative subjects, and at the work-shops they are taught the secrets of pottery by the best masters: M.Kytrysh, M.Poshyvailo, V.Omelianenko. It is for the fourth year that the All-Ukrainian Pottery Symposium takes place in Opishnia. The leading ceramists of Ukraine participate in it. The author is Natalia Oliynyk.

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