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#11-12 (3-4).2000
pages 21-27

page 21
E. Kocherzhenko


Krolevets is a small place in the green oak-groves of Sumy land. It is famous from the old times by its rushnyk (national folk Ukrainian towel with embroidery), the main feature of which is interchange of ornamental motives with different horizontal straight lines. It is not embroidered but woven with threads of white and from light pink to dark vinous colours. It has its own style and meaning, design and decorative peculiarities. It was in XVIII century when weaving in the town became to turn into trade. There was the shop of weavers. Linen for clothes, table-clothes, coverlets from gunny were also produced. The design is better saved in rushnyk and goes deep into the time of pagan culture. Symbols are very ancient and provide irrefutable arguments in favour of the view that Ukrainians as a people count more than one millennium. At the international exhibition in Paris in 1936 Krolevets rushnyk was awarded with the gold medal and later it travelled almost all over the world at the international fairs. In our days a decorative weaving factory is operating in Krolevets. The information on this topic is provided in the magazine by the art critic Tamara Lysenko.

Oleksandr ZELENSKY. (Kharkiv city)
At night.Canvas, oil
page 22
Tamara Lysenko


A great number of original masters of folk art, whose works are the part of the national culture of Ukraine, was born in Kharkiv region. The paintings of the honourable master of folk art Andriy Hunko (1927 - 1986) are the paintings of the unsurpassed person of natural gifts, who faced a very hard life, poverty. Everything that he learned and mastered he did himself, but his ingenuous and daring painting strikes with its freshness, romantic world awareness, solemnity. Having served in the army he worked as a metalworker till the last years of his life and at the same time he never dropped brush from his hands. Worship of the land beauty was inside Hunko and he reproduced this beauty as well as historical events on his canvases (The author is Tamara Lysenko). The teacher of mathematics from the village Sazono-Balanivka, Bohoduhiv region, Heorhiy Chernyshenko, honourable master of folk art of Ukraine (1900 - 1990) had natural unique view of the world. He is the master of the lyrical landscape of Slobozhany land. His paintings are compared with music. He is called a singer of the flowery steppe. Oleksandr Zeienskyi (1910 - 1997) is the master of canvas with a striking manner of painting directed to monumental-heroic metaphor. Being the participant of the three great fights, the fight near Moscow, Leningrad, Volhov, the participant of the Berlin operation and liberation of Czechoslovakia, he survived by chance. During all his life he was fond of landscapes. The works of "the knight of folk painting" strike with magical attractiveness of colours.

Mikhailo BRYTVIN. (Kharkiv city)
Decorative plate.1990 Wood, bas-relief carving. Diameter=40 cm.
page 24
Tamara Lysenko


THE GOD FATHER OF WOOD-CARVERS FROM KHARKIV REGION (page 24) Petro Fomenko, the coeval of the century, honourable master of folk art , (1990 - 1983), left good memory about himself in his works and in his pupils. For more than 30 years he participated in all exhibitions of folk art of the USSR, worked on the establishment of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Everyday Life in Pirohovo (Kyiv). The creative range of the master was unlimited. With the same mastery he worked on wood, stone, with brush, horn, made volume and bas-relief compositions, restored antiquary goods. Tamara Lysenko writes in the magazine about Petro Fomenko, one of the founders of Ukrainian school of wood-carving, and his pupils Semen Pechenizhskyi (1929), Borys Lubenets and Mykhailo Brytvin (1921).

Bouquet "Lily".1977. Mixed technics.
The collection of DMUNDM
page 26

The "Folk Art" magazine wrote already about the activity of this outstanding master of decorative painting in # 1 - 2 for 1999. Her unique, compositions impressed with their multicoloured, fantastic, known from childhood flowers. We have asked the master to tell our readers about herself, about her first steps in decorative painting, to lead our readers to creative studio. Master Paraska recollected her childhood, youth, painting on the fireplace, oven decorated with flowers and later flowers on paper from a wall paper roll, the first forty sheets at the exhibition in Lviv and all the next exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. The master guesses that her brush created 4 - 3 thousand works, but who has counted them? They have flown all over thg world. New and new ideas occur to her and want to be realised on paper. The narration of the master is open and sincere.

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