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Pic.1. K.BOZHKO. Shugar pot. Cigarette case.
Pic.2. Vasil GARBUZ.Toilet shelf. Paper knife.
Pic.3. K.BOZHKO. Decorative board. O.OLESHKO. Decorative board.

#11-12 (3-4).2000
pages 43-47

page 43
Viktor Furman


Style characteristics. Masters. Works. Wood, thread and clay are symbols of our people from time immemorial. Decorative wood-working as a field of art appeared on the basis of natural economy, in particular in a village surrounding. There decorative image of work was connected with folklore, rites, holidays. It were also pure aesthetic things that a master brought to his work. Our ancestors decorated sledges, shelves for dishes, prams, plates, furniture, architectural details with three-edged-fluting carving. Fedot and Prokip Yukhymenky, Yakiv Khalabudnyi, VasyI Harbuz and others, the whole families, yards are known. The art critic Viktor Furman writes in details about the activity of the most outstanding masters, such as Valentyn Nahnybida, Oleksandr Oleshko, Mykola Zatserklianyi, who on the basis of works of their predecessors made brilliant samples of their own works. The author also underlines the role of Poltava House of Folk Art in the development of traditional folk amateur art.

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page 46
Volodymyr Onyshchenko


Symposium 2000 in Bubnivka is the topic of Yevhen Shevchenko photo-report and the artist Volodymyr Onyshchenko, participant of the Symposium, memories about that event in the life of the Union. The author thinks the necessity in holding such symposiums lies not only in the mastering of one's skills but in communication as well. "These are those moments of happiness which are impossible to repeat". As it had been before that Symposium was organised by the Union alongside with Vinnytsia region and Haisyn State Administrations as well as "Art Ceramic" Bubnivka enterprise.

page 48
Serhiy Tandaichuk


The master of vytynanky art (cutting from paper) Serhiy Tandaichuk from Berdychev tells us about this young in our country (it exists here 100 years), but old art of paper cutting (in China it is known from VII century A.D.). At the beginning of XX century Ukrainian progressive intelligentsia began gathering and popularisation of vytynanky. It was then when this term appeared. Telling the truth, sometimes scissors are left away, the paper is pinched off with fingers and the article is called in this case vydyranky. Mohyliv-Podilskyi in Vinnytsia region is the most famous one by this art. There was even an attempt to found a museum. One of the new places is Berdychev. It is there where the author of the article has organised a group of schooichildren for making vytynanky. It was the beginning of a few thousand vytynanky collection. The author affirms this art to be universal, it is possible to unite it with painting, graphic and plastic arts, theatre.

At the page 49 one can find the information about Nina Rozsoshynskaya, director of the State Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art, awarding with the decoration of Princess Olga, as well as the opinion about our magazine - the lines from Mykhailo Korhun 's letter (USA).

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