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Калач великодний. с.Кобринове Тальнівського району. (Ратушняк Ялина Федорівна).

Калита. с.Легедзине Тальнівського району.

Vadym Mytsyk


Vadym Mytsyk, ethnologist, archeologist, researches folk art, holidays and traditions. He founded five museums, among them - the museum of bread in Talnyi, Cherkasy oblast. V. Mytsyk has been in charge of this museum since 1985. Who can tell better about the bread that is one of the greatest treasures of people? The traditional Ukrainian bread is round, circle according to its square, and it is the first symbol of the Sun in the works of the area historical cultures and folk art. Symbols in bread decoration also depict the Sun and Fire. "The Sun's Son", "Holiness of the Golden Circle", "A Round Loaf is Our Motherland", "Under the Sign of the Sky" - these are the chapters from the book in which the author shares his knowledge, researches of folk traditions, customs, tells about artistic way of baking bread that has become a kind of art that depicts the long history of our people.

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